Bick Blank-Small Grey/Marble

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If you want to give your skimboard your own personal flair this is the perfect board for you. 
The new Bick Blank shape is slightly thinner than the pro board and features a cut in nose and tail to give the board extra spin on your shoves. 

Medium 40x19 inches (over 115 lbs)
Small 37x17.5 Inches (under 115 lbs)

This Board does NOT come with foam. Pick your foam separately (we recommend 2 packs to entirely cover the board) 

Step 1: Pick your board
Step 2: Pick your foam colors
Step 3: Design your board to show your style

360 Rocker: Our boards are pressed with a unique 360 degree bowl shaped curve. This allows the board to glide across the water worry free without catching an edge.

Eternal Pop: Most every other skimboard out there are heat pressed for about 40-60 minuets. Bick presses each board for 24 hours to provide a solid ride and a board that is guaranteed* not to warp even after years of use. 


*two year money back guarantee against warping

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