2020 Bick Pro

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(Ships the beginning of July)

This years Bick Pro Board is the best the sport has to offer. Absolutely no expense was spared in the creation of this years pro board. This is a high end product, built for high performance.

If you want the longest lasting, most stable, and fastest spinning board out there look no further. The "2020 Bick Pro" board features cut in edges for an even spin, and a wider base to help maintain high speeds for extremely long distances. 

Duralast HPL: Everyone knows no matter what fancy features a skimboard has going on, the base is always the first thing to wear out. We solved this problem by adding an HPL base that is coated with a Bick Skimboards exclusive scratch resistant formula. Duralast base is exclusive to the 2020 Pro board.

360 Rocker: Our boards are pressed with a unique 360 degree bowl shaped curve that allows the board to glide across the water worry free without the chance of catching an unexpected edge.

Super Cushion Foam Traction: The unique foam traction top design is not just for looks. It also makes for a super soft landing to prevent heel bruises while providing perfect grip for spinning shoves like the pro.

Eternal Pop: Most every other skimboards are heat pressed for about 40-60 minutes. Bick presses each board for 24 hours to provide a solid ride, and board that is guaranteed not to warp even after years of use.


*two year money back guarantee against warping


Pre-orders ship out mid March 2020. Final design may vary slightly